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I joined FXB in the fall of 2014 and it has completely changed our family in the best way possible! I have always had this dream of being "fit", but I always lacked the self-discipline to motivate myself at a regular gym. When I started at FXB, I was surprised at the amount of support and encouragement I received. It's taught me how to eat properly and fuel my body. Since I started, not only have I become healthier and more fit, but I've gained a level of confidence I never thought possible. I've wanted to pass along that same support and encouragement as an instructor to everyone who comes in through our doors.
I started my FXB journey in April 2013 at the recommendation of a friend. I was completely out of shape, hadn’t been significantly active in years, was about 35 pounds overweight, and I was very nervous to try a new fitness program that had the word “extreme” in the name! I enrolled in my 10 Week Challenge online, and the first time I ever walked in the building was my Orientation day. I was pretty overwhelmed, to say the least!
By my second week, I felt so strong after each workout. There was endless encouragement and motivation coming from the instructors and other gym members, and I could do more and more with each workout. I would walk off the mat thinking, “Wow! I can’t believe I was just able to do that!”
Following the nutrition program along with an exercise regime that I actually enjoyed was a complete life-changer for me. I joined the program thinking that I wanted to be “skinny,” but I continued in the program because I loved how strong I was becoming. My body was able to do more than I ever thought was possible, and the inches and body fat coming off was just a bonus! I had failed at so many “diet” and “fitness” attempts in the past, but this was different. This was a lifestyle change. This was a change of mind.
I was honored to begin instructing in the Summer of 2013, and I also began coaching and working at the front desk in the early mornings before my day job. I wanted as much FXB time as I could get! In August 2014, FXB Columbus had grown to the point that they needed a full-time assistant manager. I jumped at the chance, and I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to help change lives here full-time ever since!
My bachelor’s degree and professional experience has all centered around helping people, and that is something I feel I can do at FXB. I truly love being a part of each of our members’ transformations. I see some pretty outstanding physical transformations, but my favorite part about FXB is seeing the inner transformations of our members. I get to watch low self-esteem and insecurity melt away into confidence and brilliant smiles every 10 weeks! I couldn’t ask to be a part of anything better than that!
I had no idea what was in store for me when I walked through those FXB doors in Fall of 2014. I was a complete exercise & fitness novice, was out of shape and living an unhealthy lifestyle! Signing up to the 10 week challenge for me was one of the scariest moments in my life! Little did I know it would turn out to be one of the best decisions of my life!!
FXB and the people that attend give me so much more than any regular gym could or has done in the past. The support, encouragement and motivation is amazing and is what pushes me, keeps me consistent, accountable and coming back for more on a daily basis. I’m the happiest and healthiest I have ever been and this and other improvements continue as I venture further through this fitness journey of mine!
Becoming a coach and an instructor has given me more than I could ever imagine and it continues to be such a rewarding experience. I love helping and motivating others to achieve their ‘Level 10’ and as a result hearing about the improvements in all aspects of their lives!
I am so grateful to all at FXB and to the Piper’s for bringing this amazing program to Columbus and filling it with fantastic people! It’s a privilege to be alongside you all on this fitness adventure!
I joined FXB in July of 2013 and have never looked back to my previous lifestyle! I initially joined to tone up and lose the last few pounds on what I thought was my weight loss destination. What I gained from this program was SO much more. Sure, I toned up and lost more than I expected to in terms of inches and pounds – but the knowledge about nutrition, my confidence in and out of the gym and the realization that I’m on an ongoing journey to better myself and my health will far outweigh any of those inches and pounds. Most importantly, though, I gained an entire new family and support system that I cherish every single day I walk into the gym! I started instructing because I’ve always had a desire and need to help people throughout my life. I really enjoy being pushed beyond what I think my body can do, so I like to give that aspect of the program back to our members. My favorite part of instructing is hearing a member yell in excitement across the room when they just accomplished something that they couldn’t before walking through our doors! FXB also afforded me a 100% healthy and happy pregnancy and a super quick recovery back to my desired fitness level, all of which I could not have done without our program. Outside of the gym, I love being outdoors and active, whether it be running, biking, obstacle racing, or yardwork. I live in Columbus with my wife, Cathy and our son, Hayden.
I joined Farrell's in March of 2012 with a lot of hesitation. I was placing a lot of faith in my longtime friends Erik and Lindsay Piper, the new owners of Farrell's Columbus Indiana. I had never belonged to a workout facility before so this was a totally new experience. Once starting, the program became an addiction. I could not wait for class the next day and loved to see the improvements I was making each week. The other members have become my friends which help motivate and push me to do my best. I have been with this program ever since and have become much stronger, fitter, and thinner. I share my experience with anyone that will listen to me. I enjoy helping others to obtain their goals at Farrell’s and to celebrate with them for their success along the way to obtain their goals. Away from Farrell’s I spend my free time with my family and new FXB family. These are the best people I could ever imagine spending my time with.
My name is Tami May. I am a wife and mother of seven, four of which are my own along with three I inherited from my husband. My oldest also has two little ones. So I guess that makes me a grandma. But we don’t say grandma in my house, sounds too old. So I am known as Gigi. I am still getting used to a big family even after all these years. I am an only child. I used to be small, real small. But things change as you get older and after having my third child at age thirty, I put on some weight and could not get it to come off as easy. Not to mention I loved my Coca Cola.
My Farrell’s journey began almost four years ago when I joined as a 10-weekers in May of 2012. I never missed a 5 am workout and did the eating just as I was supposed to. I noticed a little change in my weight and a huge difference in my endurance and the way I felt. I had so much more energy. I loved it and became a FIT Member for the year following. Unfortunately, due to school and clinicals, I missed a lot of my workouts and went back to bad eating habits and drinking my cokes again and once my year was up I did not renew. I always missed it and the people after.
Shortly before returning to Farrell’s for my 5-week Recharge around the end of November 2014 I had began to lose some of the extra weight and stopped the soda drinking. I became a FIT Member again after. I loved the workouts and the friends and family feeling. So once my year was up at the beginning of January I joined for another year.
I began instructing at Farrell’s last summer, 2015. I enjoy making a difference in other’s lives. I am always learning from not only other instructors but also the FIT Members and 10-weekers. I was a coach for the 10-weekers fall of 2015 and although I was new at it, I enjoyed it a lot.
I recently started working and like to joke by saying that work gets in the way of my working out. I am currently trying to figure out the balancing of a job, spending time with my family and keeping up with my health and hobby here at Farrell’s. Having a hobby that makes you feel great and stay healthy helps me positive in all aspects of my life. I just feel great being back with my Farrell’s family again mentally and physically.
On March 12, 2012, I stepped foot into FXB Columbus, IN and thought “what was I thinking?” I mean I worked out before (at my own will and pace), but never have I felt so out of shape after that first day of kickboxing. I stuck with it for the next few weeks and fell in love! I enjoyed all of the people, the encouragement everyone gave me, and most importantly the owners, Erik & Lindsay. They were always there to help even if they were having to handle all 80+ of us at once (this was the first class, in fact the first Farrell’s in Indiana, so no one knew what to expect). The most amazing thing is ever since that first day I ENJOY coming to the gym each and every day. I enjoy helping others, the awesome encouragement from everyone (owners, fellow instructors, and each new 10-week group), and the dedication that we all have. My health is very important to me and it’s wonderful to surround yourself with people that have the same passion. I’m so thankful and grateful for my FXB family and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of our FXB family! On a greater note, I’m a mother of a beautiful 16 month little girl (long story short … The doctor’s said I would never be able to have children, but on January 23, 2015 that was forever changed! I honestly feel that FXB got me into the best shape of my life and for that I have a miracle baby) and have two wonderful step-children ages 16 & 22. Also, I’ve got a gorgeous granddaughter named Aubree Nicole that is 2 months old. My family is very important to me and I hope that I can show them how much FXB means to me and make a way for a healthy lifestyle for my kids and grandchildren! I enjoy spending time outside with the little ones, playing volleyball/softball, and working out! Thanks FXB for a better life for me and my family!!!!
I walked in the doors of FXB, Columbus in May of 2012 during a Kickboxing routine and knew at that moment – in that room full of energy and excitement – that FXB was for me! What I didn’t know when enrolling was that I had just started a life changing journey that would positively affect my life as well all of my loved ones as well. I knew I was ready to do something for myself and family that would ensure we could achieve healthier lifestyles together and FXB has allowed me to achieve this goal. I enjoy giving 100% each day to reach a level of physical and mental strength, self-confidence and personal satisfaction that I have never experienced before. I have found an entire community of individuals and now friends all striving to reach the same fitness and health goals and love all the time I get to spend sharing it all with them. The sustainability and ease of the nutrition plan keeps me happy, healthy, and “fueled” for every workout and I know is something I can continue as a lifelong change. The variation of fitness kickboxing and resistance training has helped me tone, strengthen and reach the best shape of my life while having fun! The most amazing part of my journey so far has been becoming an Instructor with FXB and having the opportunity to help others achieve the same amount of success and satisfaction that I have found. The accountability in an environment full of other students and FIT members all pushing and encouraging each other is why I wake up every day wanting to share my passion with anyone else that’s ready for “Life at Level 10”.
I heard about Farrell's through a co-worker one day and really took interest in find out more about it. I also wanted my parents to sign up, so the three of us meet with Lindsay and Erik and they told us all about Farrell's. We were impressed with not only the Farrell's program, but with Lindsay and Erik, they were very nice and motivating.

I have always exercised at a local gym, but was beginning to loose motivation and was bored with my workout routine. My parents on the other hand, have never worked out and I was getting worried about my Dad's health. My parents stuck through the 10 week program with me and even though my Mom didn't sign up as a fit member, my Dad did and is still my workout partner. My Dad and I have been working out at Farrell's since March 2012 and since then my Dad has lost 50 pounds! I am so proud of him and he loves working out now, thanks to Farrell's! I am also in the best Shape of my life and I am now an instructor. I love instructing and seeing my Farrell's friends. Not only do we have fun in class, we also have fun outside of class. The Farrell's program is fun, motivating, and it filled with loving and encouraging people.

I am thankful for Erik and Lindsay and for all they have done!

As a former Army Infantry Drill Sergeant and Combatives Instructor I was looking for something familiar in a gym - something which would work my cardio, allow me to hit the bag and build strength while providing a great environment without all of the Basic Training yelling. I got what I was looking for at FXB - a great and supportive community which provides the routine, workouts and plan necessary to help individuals of all shapes and sizes. The routine is coupled with instructor autonomy - allowing us to provide variety in certain workouts while abiding to weekly guidelines. So now instead of being the mean and loud drill sergeant, I'm your "friendly" neighborhood FXB instructor - helping Columbus become fit and disciplined while having a great time doing it.
I joined FXB in May of 2013! I started getting into shape throughout my freshman year of college but I knew I needed something more! FXB provided me with exactly what I needed to get myself to the level of fitness I wanted to reach. The friendly environment of the instructors and other members is unlikely anything I could have gotten working out at a standard gym or on my own. Instructing provides me with the discipline I need to stay on track with my workouts and nutrition as well as an opportunity to share my love for the program with everyone on the mat while pushing them to their Level 10! Becoming an instructor also inspired me to change my college major and turn exercise into my career. In my free time, I enjoy running, cycling, traveling and getting together with the gym family I have gained at FXB.
My FXB journey began in the fall of 2014, when my husband and I joined the September ten week challenge. I really had no idea what to expect! I had never joined a gym. I used to play sports and would run on occasion, but there was no consistency after college. My goal was to build strength. I wanted to be able to get the crockpot down from the top shelf without help!

By the end of my ten weeks, I was not only physically stronger, but also mentally stronger than I ever had been in my life! I have now been a FIT member at the gym for over a year and love it more than ever! Added bonus: my support team became my close friends, who then became my FXB family! I feel blessed to have found such a positive group of people, who encourage each other daily to become the best versions of ourselves!

As an instructor, I love motivating each class to push past what they think their bodies are capable of, while still having fun!

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