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Winter Session: January 14 - March 25



Makeup Orientation & Testing: January 21
5-Week Testing: February 18
Final Testing and Awards: March 25


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Still Enrolling for Winter Session!

Our Winter 10-Week Challenge Is Underway, But You Can Still Join!

While space remains, we are offering promotions on all class times that have space remaining.  As classes fill up, these discounts will disappear so reserve your spot early!

5:30PM Class is SOLD OUT!
12:00PM: Save $100 With Promo Code "100"
5AM, 6AM, 7AM, & 4:30PM: Save $75 With Promo Code "75"
6:30PM: Save $50 With Promo Code "50"

Every 10-Week Membership Includes:
  • 60 instructor-led kickboxing and strength training classes
  • A small, supportive team with a coach
  • Boxing gloves and wraps
  • Student manual with lots of tips and additional resources
  • Three fitness evaluations
  • Before and after pictures
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Entry into $1,000 biggest transformation contest
  • Supportive and encouraging environment

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Local News

6 Ways to Get (and Stay) Motivated

Motivation is a psychological game. You’ve heard the phrase “mind over matter” and that’s exactly how you need to think about motivation. It’s that crucial piece of the puzzle to achieving your goals. For some, motivation comes easy. For others, it doesn’t. Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is unique in that our community of members helps keep each other motivated and accountable.

Our TeamMeet Our Team

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As a former Army Infantry Drill Sergeant and Combatives Instructor I was looking for something familiar in a gym - something which would work my cardio, allow me to hit the bag and build strength while providing a great environment without all of the Basic Training yelling. I got what I was looking for at FXB - a great and supportive community which provides the routine, workouts and plan necessary to help individuals of all shapes and sizes. The routine is coupled with instructor autonomy - allowing us to provide variety in certain workouts while abiding to weekly guidelines. So now instead of being the mean and loud drill sergeant, I'm your "friendly" neighborhood FXB instructor - helping Columbus become fit and disciplined while having a great time doing it.
Amber Magnuson is a wife and stay at home mother of 4 adopted children. She joined the instructing staff at FXB Columbus in Fall 2014 after experiencing the life changing effects of the Farrell's program for 6 months. Amber's instructing career has been interrupted by illness, but she dept values the roles of coach and instructor, and continues to encourage 10-Weekers and FIT members alike in their fitness journeys.
I joined FXB in the fall of 2014 and it has completely changed our family in the best way possible! I have always had this dream of being "fit", but I always lacked the self-discipline to motivate myself at a regular gym. When I started at FXB, I was surprised at the amount of support and encouragement I received. It's taught me how to eat properly and fuel my body. Since I started, not only have I become healthier and more fit, but I've gained a level of confidence I never thought possible. I've wanted to pass along that same support and encouragement as an instructor to everyone who comes in through our doors.
My name is Tami May. I am a wife and mother of seven, four of which are my own along with three I inherited from my husband. My oldest also has two little ones. So I guess that makes me a grandma. But we don’t say grandma in my house, sounds too old. So I am known as Gigi. I am still getting used to a big family even after all these years. I am an only child. I used to be small, real small. But things change as you get older and after having my third child at age thirty, I put on some weight and could not get it to come off as easy. Not to mention I loved my Coca Cola.
My Farrell’s journey began almost four years ago when I joined as a 10-weekers in May of 2012. I never missed a 5 am workout and did the eating just as I was supposed to. I noticed a little change in my weight and a huge difference in my endurance and the way I felt. I had so much more energy. I loved it and became a FIT Member for the year following. Unfortunately, due to school and clinicals, I missed a lot of my workouts and went back to bad eating habits and drinking my cokes again and once my year was up I did not renew. I always missed it and the people after.
Shortly before returning to Farrell’s for my 5-week Recharge around the end of November 2014 I had began to lose some of the extra weight and stopped the soda drinking. I became a FIT Member again after. I loved the workouts and the friends and family feeling. So once my year was up at the beginning of January I joined for another year.
I began instructing at Farrell’s last summer, 2015. I enjoy making a difference in other’s lives. I am always learning from not only other instructors but also the FIT Members and 10-weekers. I was a coach for the 10-weekers fall of 2015 and although I was new at it, I enjoyed it a lot.
I recently started working and like to joke by saying that work gets in the way of my working out. I am currently trying to figure out the balancing of a job, spending time with my family and keeping up with my health and hobby here at Farrell’s. Having a hobby that makes you feel great and stay healthy helps me positive in all aspects of my life. I just feel great being back with my Farrell’s family again mentally and physically.
(Showing 1 - 4 of 27)


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2016/2017 Elite FIT Challenge Winner Announced!

Each year, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping challenges our owners and all full-time staff, including head coaches and managers to compete in our Elite FIT Challenge. This 8-week challenge began November 12, 2016 and ran through the holiday season (purposely), ending on January 7, 2017. The winner receives $1,000, bragging rights and the Elite FIT Challenge belt! Click to find out who won this year's challenge!

Farrell’s Boosted My Self-Confidence!

I can't wait to wake up the next morning and see everyone. I have been a Farrell's Ashworth member for three years now and have lost several inches, but the biggest change I notice is my energy. I have an active job and I no longer feel winded during my daily tasks and that is the biggest result I wasn't expecting to see or notice.



10-Week Challenge

  • Fitness Kickboxing Classes
  • Group Strength Training Classes
  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
  • Individual Coaching & Team Support
  • $1,000 Contest


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