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Spring Session: April 1 - June 10
Summer Session: June 17 - August 26
Fall Session: Sept 30 - December 9



Winter 5-Week Testing: February 18
Final Testing and Awards: March 25

 Spring Orientation: April 1

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Now Enrolling for Spring Session - Begins April 1st!

Our Next 10-Week Challenge Begins April 1st - Adding the 7:30PM Class!

Enrollment is now open for our Spring 2017 10-Week Challenge.  You asked for it and we added it - beginning in April we are adding the 7:30PM class!

Every 10-Week Membership Includes:
  • 60 instructor-led kickboxing and strength training classes
  • A small, supportive team with a coach
  • Boxing gloves and wraps
  • Student manual with lots of tips and additional resources
  • Three fitness evaluations
  • Before and after pictures
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Entry into $1,000 biggest transformation contest
  • Supportive and encouraging environment

For "early birds" who sign up soon, we have some great promotions while space remains and you get an even bigger discount in the new 7:30PM class if you sign up in-store with a friend or group:

Class Times Promo Code Discount
7:30PM - Enroll with a friend or group (In Store Only) $200
7:00AM & 7:30PM 150 $150
5AM, 12PM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, & 6:30PM 100 $100
6:00AM 50 $50

Enroll Now

Our TeamMeet Our Team

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I Started FXB in 2013. I had just had my 4th child and weighed more than I ever had in my life. I lost 11 pounds in my 10 weeks, then went on to lose another 15 pounds. I coach middle school Cross Country in Brownstown. I have completed a Spartan Race, multiple 5k's and I am currently signed up for the 2016 Indy 500 mini. FXB holds me accountable, and that is why coaching and instructing interested me. I enjoy watching and helping people on their journey to a more fit lifestyle. FXB is about being fit to help you enjoy life.
Hi Everyone,

My name is Keith, and I lead kickboxing and resistance training classes at FXB Columbus. Outside of the gym I'm a mechanical engineer, I'm always looking for the next project, and I'm a avid Spartan Race competitor. I take great pride in that last bit, as it's something I would have never accomplished before FXB. Instructing for me is all about having fun with the class and getting people to believe in themselves. I'm happiest when I see students pushing past their perceived limits and finding their new "Level 10" in class. I'm also a firm believer in the 10 week challenge, and I think it's appropriately named. The old saying is true, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!"

My fitness journey with Farrell's began in January 2013 after moving to Columbus for an engineering desk job. Before moving I was in college, and I'd tried being healthy on my own. I had developed an "on-again / off-again" relationship with the gym, and settled into what I mistakenly thought were good eating habits. All those lifestyle choices carried over to the professional world, except for the bit where I was walking all over campus getting some amount of exercise.

A few months after we moved to Columbus I started to notice a few things... all that hanging out in the basement at night watching TV to unwind and eating whatever sounded good was starting to make its presence known on the bathroom scale as well as in the mirror. About that time, my wife heard about Farrell's on the radio and checked out the website. She signed up and told me about it later when it seemed like this would be a challenge for us to tackle together. The concept of accountability, solid nutritional guidance, and challenging workouts sounded like a step in the right direction, so I signed up as well.

That was a little more than three years ago at this point. The positive impact this place continues to have in our lives is hard to capture in words alone. We didn't just join a gym... we joined a family! Some of our closest friends in Columbus are the same people we yell with, sweat with, and encourage at FXB. If you see me in class, come up and introduce yourself. I promise you, the more you put into this program, the more you'll get in return!

I am a 41 year old, 6th grade teacher from Hope, Indiana. I have lived in Hope all my life (I still live in the same house I grew up in). I graduated from Hauser in 1993, Purdue in 1997 with a BA in Elementary Education, and Indiana Wesleyan in 2001 with my Masters. I have taught at Hope Elementary for 18 years.
I don't have any children of my own, but take pride in my 21 year old nephew Collin, 19 year old nephew Eli, and 16 year old niece Maggie. My sister Amy and brother-in-law Jeff complete my family. My dad, Don, died in 1995 of a heart attack (ironically just down the road from FXB) and my mom, Jewell, died in 2001 of a cerebral hemorrhage.
After the death of my parents, I did a lot of soul searching and decided I needed to pursue my dreams because they were young when they passed. So in 2008, the time became right for me to become a part of the acting world. Since then, I have been in 40 plays as an actor, director, or assistant director and 7 feature films. It keeps me busy, but I love being an actor. I always wanted to study improv and comedy writing at Second City in Chicago because I am a huge fan of Steve Carell and Tina Fey, SC alums. Last summer, I was able to take Level 1 and Level 2 classes. It was very exciting! I love to make people laugh and hope I don't disappoint!
My FXB journey has been one of the most unexpected joys in my life. Since my dad had his first heart attack at the age of 38 and died at the age of 52, I have been well aware that I need to take care of myself. When I began, I was getting ready to turn 38 (that number has always been in my head) and knew I needed to do something. My eating habits were out of control (I ate out a lot!), I was drinking too much pop (Big Red and Coke), and I wasn't exercising. I had a very stressful school year that year, and two times in the past I had atrial fibrillation (heart out of rhythm) due to stress. I didn't want that to happen again. I had a friend invite me to try out FXB. I did the lower body resistance band class on a Thursday. I could barely walk the next day! I almost told her that I would not be attending kickboxing with her on Friday due to my soreness. On that Friday, I was called a "stupid teacher" by a very difficult student, so I decided to go to the kickboxing class. After that KB class, my stress had been noticeably decreased, and I was sold.
When I began that January, it was tough due to my schedule, but I made it work. I made a goal for myself to make it to all 60 classes, and I did! Since the start, I have only rarely missed. If I have missed it has been to traveling. I am now 40+ pounds lighter and have lost a lot of inches. One of the best things has been buying new clothes (I'm smaller than my high school sizes!). That keeps me motivated! It has not been easy, but I have found that I just push myself a little more each day.
I also love FXB for all the friends I have made. If you are open to the whole experience, you will not only gain physical well being, but also some great friends. That has been even better than losing 40 pounds!
Besides coaching, you will have me as an instructor at various times. It is amazing to think that three years ago, I thought "I could never instruct" to "I can't wait to instruct!".
My FXB journey began in the fall of 2014, when my husband and I joined the September ten week challenge. I really had no idea what to expect! I had never joined a gym. I used to play sports and would run on occasion, but there was no consistency after college. My goal was to build strength. I wanted to be able to get the crockpot down from the top shelf without help!

By the end of my ten weeks, I was not only physically stronger, but also mentally stronger than I ever had been in my life! I have now been a FIT member at the gym for over a year and love it more than ever! Added bonus: my support team became my close friends, who then became my FXB family! I feel blessed to have found such a positive group of people, who encourage each other daily to become the best versions of ourselves!

As an instructor, I love motivating each class to push past what they think their bodies are capable of, while still having fun!

(Showing 1 - 4 of 24)

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  • Easy-to-Follow Nutrition Plan
  • Fitness Evaluations & Photos
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